What you CAN'T bring

Your safety is extremely important to us. Therefore, everything and everyone is searched at the entrance (including luggage).
Do you have something with you that is on our ‘blacklist’? Then we’ll throw it away.
Pay attention! In some cases, access to the site of the festival may be denied.

You’re not allowed to bring weapons, sharp or hard objects, glass and fluids, spray cans, food and drinks. When in doubt, contact us

Always follow instructions told by safety staff or from mainstage/speaker. Police will always be informed in case of violation of the rules

What you CAN bring

You’re allowed to bring small country flags, dress suits, empty camel bags, personal cameras, condoms, go-pros, selfie sticks (when folded), cigarettes, roll-on deodorant (no spray cans!), foldable umbrellas, and chargers.

Bringing your medication

Bringing your medication is only permitted in combination with an official doctor’s note.

Zero Tolerance

At all our events we operate under a Zero tolerance policy. This means that no soft- and hard drugs are allowed.

First Aid

At the event, our heroes at the first aid are there to help you at any time. Are you not feeling well? Then head over there. Don’t worry, they won’t call your mother if you have been misbehaving. Their biggest concern is that you are doing well, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Minimum Age

The minum age to enter is 16 year. Younger than 16, you are allowed to enter the venue under adult supervision. Security will ask for ID